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Incident 7730 - Resolved

Role: Faculty
Position: Professor
Specific Discipline:
Outcome Year: 2018
Outcome Category: Suspended / Leave / Restrictions; Training / Counseling Required
Quote: "Over the course of three years, University of Georgia professor Michael Holosko was investigated by the Equal Opportunity Office three separate times for sexual harassment allegations.

Two of these investigations resulted in violations of UGA’s Non-Discrimination Anti-Harassment Policy. Despite multiple violations, he continued to teach at the university for more than two years after the final case concluded in 2015."

"Holosko was found in violation of the NDAH policy for sexual harassment twice, according to formal NDAH findings letters from the EOO. He was required to attend a NDAH training session and write an apology to students after his first violation in 2012"

"After this third accusation, Dawkins’ findings letter said Holosko was required to annually attend NDAH policy training, instructed to keep his office door open “or at least cracked” while students were there and would no longer be assigned any female graduate assistants.

"This pattern of offensive language with sexual subtext cannot be dismissed as mere misunderstanding or a play on words given your use of this explanation as a repeated defense.”
"In addition to these sanctions, Dawkins warned Holosko another violation of the NDAH policy could result in suspension or termination"
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