Publications Using ASMD

Please contact if you have publications you would like included on this list:

  2. Cantalupo, N. C., Kidder, W. C. (2018). A Systematic Look at a Serial Problem: Sexual Harassment of Students by University Faculty. Utah Law Review, 2018(3), 4.
  3. Included in the NASEM Report on Sexual Harassment of Women:
  4. Eckert, S., Michienzi, J., Libarkin, J., Witkowski, M., Moradi, B., Coy, M., Steiner, L., in press. Who broke it first? How news of sexual misconduct in US academia reaches the public: Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) 2019 Conference. AWARD: Top Paper in the Open Category.
  5. Cantalupo, Nancy Chi and Kidder, William, Systematic Prevention of a Serial Problem: Sexual Harassment and Bridging Core Concepts of Bakke in the #MeToo Era, 52 UC Davis Law Review 2349-2405 (2019),