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Incident 8980 - Resolved

Role: Faculty
Position: Professor
Discipline: Science
Specific Discipline:
Outcome Year: 2019
Outcome Category: Resigned
Quote: "After being found “responsible” for sexual harassment, Dr. Pappas was permanently barred from working with student assistants for the remainder of his employment with JMU. (Id.¶ 106.) Dr. Pappas claims this sanction made it “impossible” for him to do his job because his high course load—including several courses containing hundreds of students—required the active participation of student assistants. (Id. ¶ 107.) Dr. Pappas’ research program required student researchers and assistants; without those assistants, he became ineligible for key research grants. (Id. ¶¶ 108.) As a result of these consequences, Dr. Pappas contends he was “forced to resign.” "
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