Incidents at University of Rhode Island

Total: 2

Incident 7813

Status: Resolved
Person: NA
Role: Department
Discipline: Engineering
Specific Discipline:
Outcome Year: 2000
Outcome Category: Other
Specific Outcome: Public acknowledgement by university president.
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Incident 8378

Status: Resolved
Role: Faculty
Discipline: unknown
Specific Discipline:
Outcome Year: 1980
Outcome Category: Resigned
Specific Outcome: "In one case last year, the faculty member resigned when we brought it to his attention," says Douglas Rosie, assistant vice president for academic affairs."

Citation: Professors Swap Good Grades For Sex;
Minds can be bent and careers ended, but instructors who stay clear of students cause complaints, too

The Washington Post

September 6, 1981, Sunday, Final Edition

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