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Howard Robinson

Status: Resolved
Institution: Fordham University
Role: Faculty
Position: Professor
Discipline: Social and Behavioral Sciences
Specific Discipline:
Outcome Year: 2020
Outcome Category: No Longer Employed (includes Fired and Contract Non-renewal)
Quote: "A professor fired from Fordham University after he was accused of masturbating during a Zoom lecture is suing the Bronx school, claiming his erectile dysfunction made the allegation “virtually impossible.”

The student who filmed the video is also suing Fordham, claiming she faced retaliation after she turned over the awkward 2020 video.

Howard Robinson, 68, was a tenured professor at the university’s Graduate School of Social Service when graduate student Andrea Morin filmed a video of the teacher appearing to masturbate during a Sept. 10, 2020 class, the lawsuits state."
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