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Joseph J. Farah

Status: Resolved
Role: Faculty
Position: Adjunct Professor
Discipline: Law
Specific Discipline:
Outcome Year: 2022
Outcome Category: No Longer Employed (includes Fired and Contract Non-renewal)
Quote: "In a report completed last month, Michigan State University found Joseph J. Farah made “explicit sexual advances” towards the then-third year student, Grace Ketzner, while she interned for him last summer, and repeatedly retaliated against her professionally after Ketzner rebuffed his requests to socialize privately with him after hours.

Farah did not respond to multiple requests for comment from Michigan Radio, but submitted a written statement to MSU denying all wrongdoing after reviewing the evidence.

A spokesperson for Michigan State University confirmed that Farah had been an adjunct professor at the MSU College of Law until May 15, 2021, but would not say whether Farah resigned or was terminated."
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