Rie Hachiyanagi

Status: Resolved
Institution: Mount Holyoke College
Role: Faculty
Position: Professor
Discipline: Arts and Humanities
Specific Discipline: Art
Outcome Year: 2021
Outcome Category: Criminal Plea / Conviction
Specific Outcome: "A Superior Court judge is mulling the sentencing of Rie Hachiyanagi after the Mount Holyoke College professor pleaded guilty Friday to nine charges stemming from a December 2019 incident....Hachiyanagi showed up at the victim’s home unannounced late at night and lurked in the shadows until Savoy saw something and asked who it was. Hachiyanagi then reportedly revealed herself and said she wanted to talk about her feelings. But when Savoy invited her inside and turned her back to Hachiyanagi, the defendant unleashed a vicious attack while telling the victim she had loved her for years and she should have known that....Savoy was reportedly able to stop the attack and convince Hachiyanagi to call 911 by lying about having reciprocating feelings for her. Hachiyanagi reportedly portrayed herself to responding state troopers as Savoy’s savior, but her account of what happened quickly unraveled and she was arrested."
Last updated: Oct 18, 2021 1:49 pm