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Incidents at Bloomsburg University

Total: 2

Incident 8793

Status: Resolved
Person: Scott Lowe
Role: Faculty
Position: Professor
Discipline: Arts and Humanities
Specific Discipline: Philosophy
Outcome Year: 2018
Outcome Category: Criminal Plea / Conviction, Retired
Quote: "Scott Lowe was sentenced to 1-2 years in prison on Thursday, Sept. 27 after being arrested in February for possessing child pornography."
"In February, multiple pornographic images were found on Lowe’s computer in his office in Bakeless during a routine campus computer check. "
"Lowe retired a few days after being suspended after teaching at Bloomsburg for 31 years."
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Incident 8510

Status: Ongoing
Specific Discipline:
Outcome Year:
Outcome Category:
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