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Incidents at Montclair State University

Total: 1

Incident 8846

Status: Resolved
Person: Michael Allen
Role: Faculty
Position: Associate Professor
Discipline: Arts and Humanities
Specific Discipline: Theatre
Outcome Year: 2022
Outcome Category: No Longer Employed (includes Fired and Contract Non-renewal)
Quote: "AMontclair State University professor has been removed for allegedly making inappropriate sexual comments to a student. That student, who was interviewed by The Montclarion but asked to remain anonymous, is saying the university did not react fast enough.

Michael Allen, an associate professor in the theatre and dance department, was a few months away from his 21st anniversary at Montclair State when students of his class, Playwrights of Color, received an email entitled “Michael Allen is gone” from Jessica Brater, the theatre studies program coordinator."
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