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Incidents at Southern University and A&M College

Total: 1

Incident 7567

Status: Resolved
Person: Earl Hill
Role: Administrator
Position: Athletic Director
Discipline: Athletics
Specific Discipline:
Outcome Year: 2004
Outcome Category: Jury / Judge Finding - Civil Case, Monetary Settlement / Award
Quote: "Beginning in March of 1997, Jean Brooks twice filed and then dropped written complaints against Earl Hill alleging gender discrimination and sexual harassment. " "At the conclusion of the trial, the jury found that SUNO was guilty of both sexual harassment and gender discrimination toward Jean Brooks, and that SUNO's decision not to renew Ms. Brooks' contracts as instructor and coach was made in retaliation for her assertion of such claims against Earl Hill. The jury found that Ms. Brooks was entitled to $8,000.00 in  damages for lost income and $475,000.00 in general damages for emotional pain and suffering, mental anguish, humiliation, shame, loss of self-esteem, embarrassment, and injury to her reputation."
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