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John Marder

Status: Resolved
Role: Faculty
Position: Associate Professor
Discipline: Social and Behavioral Sciences
Specific Discipline: Communications, Journalism
Outcome Year: 1999
Outcome Category: No Longer Employed (includes Fired and Contract Non-renewal)
Quote: "The University of Wisconsin System's Board of Regents abided by state law in 2001 when it fired a tenured professor for alleged sexual harassment and other misconduct, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled Tuesday. While it largely sided with the university in the case of John Marder, the court sent the case back to a lower court to resolve one factual issue.

In 1999, Marder, a tenured associate professor of communications at the University of Wisconsin at Superior, received a letter outlining 18 charges that the campus's chancellor, Julius Erlenbach, said "evince a pattern of behavior that is inconsistent with the expectations this university has of tenured faculty members and which further violate standards of professional conduct, thus constituting just cause to dismiss you from your tenured faculty position at UW-Superior."
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