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Incident 8047 - Resolved

Role: Faculty
Position: unknown
Discipline: Physical Sciences and Mathematics; Bioscience
Specific Discipline: Bioscience
Outcome Year: 1990
Outcome Category: No Known Outcome for Respondent
Quote: "A biologist accused of sexually assaulting and harassing female students while working under a federal grant at a foreign research site stands to lose all government support for five years.

The scientist threatened to derail the scientific careers of graduate students if they complained about him to authorities, according to a recent report to Congress from the National Science Foundation’s inspector general. The accused researcher, who was from an American institution of higher education, was directing studies at a field site in a foreign country under an NSF program designed to give undergraduate students an authentic research experience.

The report did not identify the researcher, his home institution at the time of the alleged incidents, or the foreign country, since the case has not yet been resolved. But it did state that the inspector general’s office had “determined that the researcher had been involved in 16 incidents of sexual misfeasance with female graduate and undergraduate students at the research site; on the way to the site; and in his home, car, and office.”

The report added that “many of these incidents were classifiable as sexual assaults.” The inspector general’s office also determined in an investigation that “these incidents were an integral part of this individual’s performance as a researcher and a research mentor and represented a serious deviation from accepted research practices.” "
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