Incident 8776 - Resolved

Role: Faculty
Position: Adjunct
Specific Discipline:
Outcome Year: 2020
Outcome Category: Monetary Settlement / Award
Specific Outcome: "John Jay College has placed four professors — including three former department chairmen — on paid leave following sexual-harassment complaints, sources told The Post.

Among the accused are Barry Spunt, an associate sociology professor and former chair of that department; Anthony Marcus, a professor and former chair of the anthropology department; and Ric Curtis, a professor and former chair of the anthropology department and former interim chair of the department of law and police science. An adjunct professor also stands accused."

"Former students Claudia Cojocaru and Naomi Haber alleged in a 2019 federal suit that the college and four professors created “a cesspool of sexism, misogyny, sexual harassment and illegal drug use.”

"Haber and Cojocaru’s suit was settled earlier this year, with CUNY paying $164,499 to each of them and $281,000 in legal fees."
Last updated: Oct 5, 2021 12:01 pm